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Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Nov 7, 2022

Anna Lutz and Elizabeth Davenport have a conversation with Dacy Gillespie, an online personal stylist who helps women uncover their authentic style.

They discuss:

  • The challenges of clothes shopping.
  • The pressures faced by children and teens to looks and dress a certain way
  • What parents can say to reject unhelpful messages that come up while shopping and trying on clothes (hint: avoid the term “flattering”).
  • Some tips for parents to reduce overwhelm when shopping with tweens and teens.
  • The ways in which moms often don’t put their own needs first, and how this plays out with clothing.


Dacy Gillespie provides style help to women who’ve always felt uncomfortable in their clothes and who want to uncover their authentic style. She helps clients process and release the societal constructs they’ve been operating under through online personal styling services. Dacy uses the principles of intuitive eating and Health At Every Size® in her work.