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Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Oct 26, 2020

About our guests: Virginia Sole-Smith is a journalist and author of The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America. She is a frequent contributor to the The New York Times parenting section, and many other publications. Amy Palanjian, is a writer, editor and recipe developer. She is the founder of...

Oct 12, 2020

Anna Mackay & Anna Lutz chat with Claire Neary, the co-founder and director of My Remarkable Self, a program that offers training in communication and problem solving that is tailored to address specific issues and challenges facing children ages six through eighteen. We discuss:

  • How puberty can be tough for kids,...

Sep 28, 2020

We decided it would be fun & interesting to interview our kids so we sat down with 4 daughters, ranging from age 10-16. We heard about the kind of food & body messages they hear at home, and how these messages differ from what they hear among friends, and generally in the world. Some key takeaways from our daughters:

Aug 31, 2020

Elizabeth Davenport and Anna Mackay sit down with Sarah Ganginis, a non-diet dietitian who takes a weight-inclusive approach to nutrition and health.  In addition to seeing adults and children in her private practice, Sarah has dedicated much of her time advocating for change in the school nutrition and...

Aug 4, 2020

An interview with journalist and registered dietitian-to-be, Christine Byrne. She writes about food, nutrition and physical activity with an anti-diet, Health At Every Size®, body positive, Intuitive Eating perspective. We touch on lots of topics including: 

  • Her path from line cook in a restaurant to a graduate...