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Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Dec 7, 2020

In this episode Anna, Anna & Elizabeth have a chat with Haley Goodrich about navigating the HOLIDAYS! Haley is a registered dietitian and certified eating disorder specialist, who runs a private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. We discuss:

  • Favorite childhood holiday food memories
  • The ways messages about holiday weight gain and the "covid-15" negatively affect children
  • Advice for parents who are worried about an increase in the availability of desserts and candy to their children during the holidays
  • How can parents help their pickier eaters navigate holidays meals that often feature less accepted foods, or foods that are only served once or twice a year
  • Advice for parents to manage the holidays without feeling like they need to conform to the pressure to diet, restrict, or control their own (or their children's) food & bodies, and some self care ideas for parents as we enter the holiday season!