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Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Oct 12, 2020

Anna Mackay & Anna Lutz chat with Claire Neary, the co-founder and director of My Remarkable Self, a program that offers training in communication and problem solving that is tailored to address specific issues and challenges facing children ages six through eighteen. We discuss:

  • How puberty can be tough for kids, especially if they are unprepared for the changes that happen.
  • Ways parents can prepare and normalize the changes that happen during puberty
  • How bullying can manifest as both overt aggression as well as micro-aggressions.
  • Messages to convey to kids about being tolerant and accepting of differences
  • Strategies parents can employ to practice body positive parenting
  • Why the My Remarkable Self programs place such a heavy emphasis on kindness
  • The importance of kids being kind to each other and the value of self-compassion