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Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Sep 14, 2020

Anna Mackay & Anna Lutz chat with U.K. based personal trainer and PhD researcher Jake Gifford about his research and his transition from being a weight-normative personal trainer (emphasis on weight & weight loss) to a weight-inclusive personal trainer (emphasis on the many variables that influence health, other than weight). We also discuss:

  • The many problems with the U.K.’s new strategy to deal with o*esity, particularly the focus on weight reduction as a protective factor for COVID-19.
  • Fat-phobia in the fitness industry and why it’s so troubling, particularly for adolescents
  • Advice for someone who has experienced weight stigma in a fitness setting but wants to be active
  • The harm that could be done if schools choose to weigh children out of fear they may have gained weight during COVID-19 lockdown.


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